Apple II


Unbelievable Apple II graphic Power.

AccuDraw Floor Plan and Electronics are now combined into one package! Over 1000 accurate symbols!

The ONLY Apple II Paint program for designers.

  • Works like a paint program (easy to use)
  • Perfect for introducing CAD.
  • All English & metric scales
  • Use mouse, joystick, or keyboard
  • Printouts are accurate size!
  • Works with Bernie ][ the Rescue

Contents: AccuDraw is a ProDOS 8 application. It runs under SAC.SYSTEM from Kitchen Sink Software. The contents are produced in a single ShrinkIt 3.5 disk image as a BXY for Internet downloading. To use, extract to a 3.5" disk or in the case of an emulator a 3.5" disk image. You can then install the program to a hard drive or image of a different size.

Instructions: The manual has been converted to Adobe Acrobat's PDF Format for those running Apple ][ programs under emulators.

This has not been tested with Oasis or other emulators.

ShrinkIt Disk Images:

Acrobat Manual:

Acrobat Manual