Computer AppleWorks to RTF

Convert your AppleWorks word processor files!

  • Simply copy your files from your Apple II disk to your Mac. Run AppleWorks to RTF. All the files you select will be converted from AppleWorks word processor files into RTF (Rich Text Format) files.
  • Open the converted files from ANY Mac word processor.
  • Save the files onto an IBM disk and load them into ANY PC word processor that supports RTF files.

Even if you have Microsoft Works or ClarisWorks... AppleWorks to RTF is better because we retain tabs instead of converting them to spaces and we allow you to convert files in batches, instead of just one at a time.

We also do the conversion 50% faster!

AppleWorks to RTF

Contents: AppleWorks to RTF is a Macintosh Classic application. It was written using Think Pascal. It is a 68K application and should run on any Macintosh running System 7 to 9.

You can download either the BinHex 4 or MacBinary image to get the application. The Acrobat Manual is also included in these archives.

To view the manual to see if the application will work for your purposes, you can download/view that separately.
BinHex Images:

AppleWorks to RTF
MacBinary Images:

AppleWorks to RTF

Adobe Acrobat Manual