Computer AccuDraw
Apple II


Unbelievable Apple II graphic Power.

AccuDraw Floor Plan and Electronics are now combined into one package! Over 1000 accurate symbols!

The ONLY Apple II Paint program for designers.

  • Works like a paint program (easy to use)
  • Perfect for introducing CAD.
  • All English & metric scales
  • Use mouse, joystick, or keyboard
  • Printouts are accurate size!
  • Works with Bernie ][ the Rescue

Contents: AccuDraw is a ProDOS 8 application. It runs under SAC.SYSTEM from Kitchen Sink Software. The contents are produced in a single ShrinkIt 3.5 disk image as a BXY for Internet downloading. To use, extract to a 3.5" disk or in the case of an emulator a 3.5" disk image. You can then install the program to a hard drive or image of a different size.

Instructions: The manual has been converted to Adobe Acrobat's PDF Format for those running Apple ][ programs under emulators.

This has not been tested with Oasis or other emulators.

ShrinkIt Disk Images:

Acrobat Manual:

Acrobat Manual