computer Amazing Window Gradesheet
Apple II

This was one of the more popular programs with teachers. A simple to use gradebook that saved time during the year as well as at the end of the grading periods.

The goal in its design was to be as easy to use as AppleWorks and powerful enough to be useful.

Amazing Window

Contents: Amazing Window is a ProDOS-8 application. It runs under II.System from Kitchen Sink Software. The contents are produced in two easy to use formats. A ShrinkIt image which can be extracted to a directory on a hard drive, 3.5" disk, or floppy disk. Run the II.SYSTEM or boot the disk, and the program is ready to go. For Bernie ][ the Rescue users, you can download a 3.5" disk image which is ready to be mounted and used with Bernie!

Instructions: The manual has been converted to Adobe Acrobat's PDF Format for those running Apple ][ programs under emulators. It is also available as a text document using the links below.

This has not been tested with Oasis or other emulators.

ShrinkIt Disk Images:

Amazing Window Gradesheet
Text Manual
Bernie ][ Disk Images:

Amazing Window Gradesheet
Acrobat PDF Manual

ProDOS Order DSK Image (WinZipped):

Amazing Window Gradesheet